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Saturday to Sunday 8am - 5pm

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PICKUP, RETURN and STORAGE of all Equipment and Vehicles is at 38 Queen St, Harrisville QLD 4307, 20min from Yamanto (Ipswich) off Cunningham Hwy.


* Payment is to be made at time of signing Hire Contract by CASH or with Credit Card via "PayPal Here" mobile eftpos app.

  (3.3% CC Surcharge on "PayPal Here").



Payments with Cash,

PayPal or Credit Card.

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We are owned and operated by a family of seven. We provide professional services such as TRUCK DRY HIRE, TRAILER HIRE and DINGO HIRE SERVICES.


We provide the highest quality equipment and products and guaranteed our services to be fast, efficient, and hassle free.


With over a combined 35 years government and private sector experience in HR, Supply and Logistic Management, we strive to put the same professionalism into all the services we provide and contract to you.


Our drivers and operators are owner drivers, providing a personal dedicated service to your property unobtainable from the larger companies.


Our Management and Staff have decades of combined experience in business and trade expertise, we guarantee their outstanding services in Hire Services provided to you.


We are happy to assist you with any advice or queries with our contact details listed on the contacts page.

About Us

T: 0438 382 666

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What Makes Us The Better Choice?

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CHEAPaWAY Party Hire

s-l1600 (5) s-l1600 (7) s-l1600 (6)

Stadium PartyMaker 2.5 Music Machine.

Portable Party Music / Lights / PA System

Hire - $50 / 24hrs*          53cm(h) x 48cm(w) x 30cm(d)

* $100 bond, refunded when machine is returned on time, clean and undamage.*

s-l1600 (3) s-l1600 (4)

250w, USB, FM Radio, MP3, AUX/IN, Party LIghts, Karaoke, Guitar AMP

   Reliable,      Trusted,     Cost Effective,

   Professional Services,      Fast and on time!

   Insured,      Registered Business.

CHEAPaWAY Party Hire Contract T&Cs CHEAPaWAY ONLINE HIRE General Electrical Safety Sheet

PLEASE CALL OR SMS on 0438 382 666 to check availability or to book. Thank you.


We are located at Peak Crossing, 9min from Yamanto, Ipswich, off Cunningham Hwy.



Stadium PatyMaker Music Machine Hire Fees and Bond are all paid in CASH and the bond of $100, and is fully refunded* when equipment is returned on due date and time, clean and undamaged*.


"STADIUM PARTYMAKER MUSIC MACHINE HIRE" - on the day of "Hire" you will pay "Hire Fees" plus the "Hire Bond" all in cash. Then the "HIRE Contract" is signed by you and you will be given a copy of the signed contract at the time of pickup or delivery of the Hired Equipment. Credit card facilities are avaliable for payment however fees apply and bond return can take 2-5 business days to return to your account after refund to credit cards.


ID - DRIVERS LICENCE and CREDIT (or DEBIT) CARD are mandatory for hire contract and both physical cards and the owners of both cards must be present to sign at commencment of hiring trailers.


Please see our Party Hire "Terms and Conditions" for full details of your requirements to hire our Party Equipment.



"STADIUM PARTYMAKER MUSIC MACHINE HIRE".                                      

UPTO 24HRS = $50                                                                                          

2 DAYS = $60                                                                                                    

3 DAYS = $70                                                                                                  

4 DAYS = $80                                                                                                  

5 DAYS = $90                                                                                                  

6 DAYS = FREE (6th day free after 5 days continuous hire)                            

7 DAYS = FREE (7th day free after 6 days continuous hire)                              

1 EXTRA DAY = $10 (in addition to any days hire or week hire)                        

1 EXTRA WEEK = $50 (1 additional week after 1st week continuous hire)



~ Weekdays  7am - 8am & 4pm - 5pm (or by pre-arranged times by appointment).

~ Weekends  8am - 9am & 4pm - 5pm (or by pre-arranged times by appointment).

~ Public Holidays - by pre-arranged times by appointment.


(*) Refer to T&Cs for further details.  *** PARTY HIRE pickup and return is from our yard at PEAK CROSSING, 10min from Ipswich.



If you would like a quote or to book any of our services please call or message us first so that we can check availability of the date and what you require to give you the best price and options for your party to meet your expectations and budget. Then if you wish to book with us and the equipment and dates are available you can do so if you wish straight away.